Our Mother Foundress, Anna Maria Tauscher, who became Mother Mary Teresa of St. Joseph, converted to the Catholic faith, and was received into the church on October 30, 1888, in the city of Cologne, Germany. She had to overcome tremendous opposition from all sides because of this decision. Mother truly experienced firsthand what it was like to be "homeless" and bereft of family support and love.

After struggling with both inner and outer conflict, Mother finally moved into her own "Home for the Homeless" in Berlin. By the end of 1892, she had admitted 72 children. By 1897, Mother had six houses in which some fifty sisters cared for two hundred little ones. On the momentous day of December 26, 1897, she was received by Father General in Rome into the Carmel, and our beloved Cannel of the Divine Heart of Jesus was permitted to seek a place to begin a Novitiate. Mother Mary Teresa arrived in Sittard, Netherlands, in 1898. On February 2, 1899, she opened a Novitiate with fourteen Novices.

Mother continued vigorously to open Novitiates and Homes for children. Each foundation was fraught with heartaches, crosses, and poverty. Mother, with her expansive apostolic spirit, travelled to the United States in 1912. At that time, the Congregation had 68 sisters with final vows, 143 with temporary vows, 50 Novices, and 80 Postulants. In 1920, Mother returned to Europe from the United States. New Homes had opened and were flourishing in the spirit she had enkindled for all of our foundations. In 1924, Rev. Dean Tissen blessed the new and present Motherhouse in Sittard, Netherlands. 

At present, the Northern Province in the United States consists of the Motherhouse in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Nursing Homes in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. We also have Residential Homes for boys in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and for girls in East Chicago, Indiana. Our congregation is international. In addition to many foundations in Europe, Canada, and the USA, we have enlarged and enhanced our mission field. Our sisters are conducting fruitful apostolates in Nicaragua, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and more recently, Cameroon, Africa. God has blessed these missions with many young women who wish to serve in them as Carmelite Sisters  D.C.J.

 It is our continuous wish and prayer that God may grant peace, success,  and most especially, a rich harvest of souls to all our Carmelite Homes throughout the world.